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Nov 5th, 2019

Can science tell when a large earthquake will be followed by an even larger one?

Realtime aftershock statistics may be able to identify whether an even larger event is likely to follow, the authors of a new study argue. Additional prospective testing and more strategic public communication will be needed prior to deployment.

Aug 6th, 2019

How Apollo 11s moonquakes changed our understanding of earthquakes

Apollo 11 was the first step for humankind, and a giant leap for seismology. Landing and deploying seismic sensors on the moon required significant advances in instrumentation and shaped the study of earthquakes. Now we know that both planets host tidally triggered earthquakes.

Jan 20th, 2019

Antarctica Wrap Up

What a busy end of season! After we made it under Erebus Glacier Tongue to image the grounding line it was full speed ahead to try to get as many dives as possible. We sure did collect a lot of new data, but now that we’re all back in Atlanta it’s time for a review.